Hayden DUTCH Loeve

A father, a husband, a coach and professional wrestler, Hayden (AKA Dutch) began wrestling at the age of 16 and has competed in martial arts since childhood.

 He has had a very physical career ranging from night club doorman, psychiatric nursing assistant and Dog handler, all of which have taken a toll on his body. In 2007 he sustained a life changing injury to his spine which lead to years of prescription pill taking and rehabilitation.

In 2010 following on from a meeting with his surgeon, Hayden was given the option of surgery which would more than likely result in permanent disability but a reduction in pain, however after a heartfelt conversation with his wife, they chose the route of allowing the injury to heal over time and a different course of medication. Over the next few years Hayden underwent endless physiotherapy sessions, both from professionals and also at home rehab sessions with his wife. Alongside this he took the journey of reducing the amount of prescription drugs he was taking for his pain and replaced it with CBD which was extremely hard to come by in the UK at the time.

Fast forward 9 years, Hayden now wrestles full time across the UK and Europe and coaches a wide variety of people in the art of professional wrestling in his own purposely developed facility. He returned to wrestling in 2012 after being incapacitated for so long, without the use of CBD he truly believes that this may never have been possible.

The freedom from pain pill addiction that has been made possible by using CBD has been a turning point in his life and allows him to function almost pain free on a day to day basis.