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Sarah Searle-Brown

Sarah Searle-Brown is an American ultramarathon runner living in West Sussex, England. Sarah is a former ballet dancer and spends her days teaching classical ballet, as well as fitness and ballet classes.

When not running the trails of the South Downs National Park with her trusty sidekick Watson the GSP, she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter. Sarah has competed in mountain marathons, double-marathons, 100km races and various other distances. However her favourite achievement to date has been the completion of her first 100 mile race, the A100 in October 2019. Sarah is currently training for her second 100 mile race the SDW 100 which she hopes to  run in November 2020.


‘Prior to first using the 5% CBD oil I was hardly sleeping and suffering from terrible anxiety. Within a week of using the oil every day I noticed a huge drop in my anxiety and I was experiencing quality sleep for the first time in ages. As an athlete, I have found it helps improve my recovery after a hard session. I love this product and use it without fail every day, I wouldn’t be without it.’