Sadly the answer to the question “does CBD oil really expire?” is a firm yes.

Luckily, it takes quite a while for cannabidiol to expire, and it often happens due to neglect.

What Is the Shelf Life of CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol products stored in cool temperatures and kept out of direct light will last for approximately two years. If a product is regularly treated to direct sunlight or stored in heat, then the potency is likely to reduce quickly.

When kept in warm conditions, and exposed to fresh oxygen, these tinctures can begin to form bacterial clumps. These are visible globs of gunk that can build up on the inside of the bottle and easily be seen with the naked eye.

So, when does CBD oil really expire? Way after you’re done using it. And if you tuck it away in the corner of the fridge, the CBD oil shelf life will be extended until you need it next, and probably much longer.

What is the Shelf Life of CBD Oils that Changed Colours?

Cannabinoid oils can change colours with ease. Even if your oil has changed colours or if it becomes quite a bit darker in appearance, it will still retain a two-year shelf life when stored and handled with care.

These colour shifts do not indicate an issue with the product in question. Clear tinctures that contain a broad spectrum of plant compounds will often turn pink after brief exposure to sunlight. This sunlight interacts with the polyphenol oxidase found in the extract, turning the tincture a lovely shade of rose.

Thicker full-spectrum products that use a less translucent base can often turn shades of brown and black. These colours reflect the presence of an extensive array of naturally occurring hemp elements. Just like the rose polyphenol mentioned above, these components take on a darker, earthier appearance due to environmental exposure, even when stored in proper conditions.

Extending The CBD Oil Shelf Life

Ensuring that your cannabidiol products stay fresh takes minimal effort. Store the bottle or package in the fridge, and don’t let it rest in the heat or light for too long.

Frequently rinse the cap and dropper with warm water, if applicable. Every now and then, hit these components with a bit of soap as well. The opening at the bottle’s neck can also be wiped with a wet cloth from time to time.

Try not to leave the CBD item on the counter in between uses. While cannabidiol can withstand room conditions and light for weeks to months, there’s no reason to dampen the freshness of these herbal alternatives!

Are There Any Exceptions To These Storage Protocols?

Some items, particularly topical items, are best left out at room temperature. Certain consistencies will harden or thicken in the cold temperatures, and when they melt, they will reform in an unappealing manner.

Always check the individual storage protocols for your item before placing it in the refrigerator. If no instructions are given, you can still research the best way to store topicals that share a similar base. For example, beeswax based productsshould all be stored similarly, regardless of the herbal infusions featured in the formula.

Will Any Formulas Be More Likely To Expire Quickly?

None of the standard CBD products are inherently prone to spoilage. The only way an item could be predisposed to this is if the extraction, formulation, and product packaging were not done ethically and cleanly.

In the unregulated market, it can be tough to tell who is actually following good manufacturing procedures. While our products are handled in cGMP certified facilities, we also have lab tests to back up our items’ purity.

These items are shown to be clean and accurately dosed to provide a consistent user experience. The extractions used in our formulas, both our broad-spectrum CBD and our 99% pure crystalline isolate, were procured in an ISO cleanroom to promote the utmost purity.

There are no residual compounds from cultivation, extraction, or handling. Due to these first-class hygienic standards, our products will maintain the longest possible CBD shelf life.

All of this testing also guarantees that these items are 100% THC free. Citizens of the UK can freely enjoy CBD items containing non-psychoactive amounts of THC.

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We’ll navigate the industry for you. As new safety protocols, testing measures, and product regulations are put into place, our expert staff will adjust our catalog accordingly, ensuring that you always have access to compliant, expertly formulated cannabidiol items.

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