CBD For Athletes – Can It Sharpen Your Game ?

When it comes to competition, it never hurts to be prepared. Athletes always need to be at the cutting edge of their field, and this includes feeding the body in the right way. Luckily the plant nutrients found in cannabis and hemp are a promising way to take your game to the next level.

Famous athletes from around the globe like UFC championsOlympians, and NFL players are all raving about the benefits of CBD. CBD for Athletes will never trigger a drug test and is allowed in high stakes competitions like the Olympics. This means that athletes can enjoy the benefits, worry-free.

CBD for Athletes

CBD is a cannabinoid compound that interacts with the human endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is likened to the nervous, immune, pain, hormonal, skeletal, and muscular networks of the body. By influencing so much of the human system, the ECS is able to assist with many important factors that can support athletes. Let’s take a look at the details.

The Flow State

The flow state is that headspace when you’re just in the zone. You know the feeling. When you’re on the field or performing in front of a crowd, all of your mental noise quiets down, and there’s nothing on your mind but you, your goal, and moving easily with precision. Products like CBD Oil can help you get there.

CBD can take the edge off of mental tension in a single dose. This state of ease can help athletic performance in many ways. You can focus on your movements, you can let performance fright drift away, and hone in on what matters: the game. This relaxation can also be beneficial for training. When lifting a slight mental relaxation allows you to keep your mind gently scanning the body for alignment and muscle activation. For running this state helps you sink into your movement, your heartbeat, and your breath. After the effort, this ease of mind can help you drop a little lower into your stretches and allow you to hang out in the positions without stressing.

Prevention of Muscle Breakdown

The endocannabinoid system is located at significant locations in the hormonal networks of the body. When the ECS is in good shape, it can work to reduce circulating levels of the cortisol hormone. Cortisol has a reputation for being “the stress hormone,” that appears at times of tension. Research also shows that when stress is induced via the introduction of cortisol to the human system, muscle protein breakdown can skyrocket. Keeping the body and mind in top shape is highly recommended, and careful feeding of the endocannabinoid system can help in a big way.

Mental Preparation

There are endless testimonials and even a long list of research publications indicating that visualisation can improve strength gains and performance for athletes. Proper care for the endocannabinoid system can help in this arena. When this network is running smoothly uncomfortable experiences and fearful memories do not leave as deep of an impact on the mind. This can help you get back into a sport if you haven’t participated in a while. It can also work wonders with positive visualisation, as you will have a clear goal of success in mind, without as much negative baggage to get in your way.

Enhancing the Runner’s High
For years it was accepted that endorphins were responsible for the pleasant runner’s high we experience after an intense workout. New research on the endocannabinoid network is challenging this concept. The latest information shows that levels of the endocannabinoid AEA are boosted during and after a workout. This compound is created within the human body and works on the critical cannabinoid receptors.

When the body is working hard, the system will become flushed with AEA. AEA is known as the bliss compound and influences CB1 receptors. Activation of CB1 can help keep the mind clear and modulate the experience of stressful physical sensations. A boost in mental clarity and physical ease guaranteed to boost athleticism.

CBD For Athletes and Athletic Performance

There is full support for cannabidiol as a medicinal supplement for athletes. Otherwise, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) would never have allowed for CBD to be used by Olympians. We believe that CBD is a tremendous gift when it comes to maintaining health and happiness, and its ability to aid athletic performance is a huge help along the path to wellness.

If you do happen to try CBD to assist with your athletic related tension and recovery, you won’t have to worry about it interfering with other strategies. The relaxation that occurs with CBD is never intoxicating so you won’t have to worry about performing poorly during your exercise routine, and if you are used to taking over-the-counter medications to combat pain, it is helpful to know that CBD can safely be enjoyed at the same time. For example, there is no known CBD and ibuprofen interaction. However, we can’t promise that you will continue taking ibuprofen once you see what CBD’s non-toxic antioxidant properties can do!

Join the ranks of elite athletes from around the world who are supporting this all-natural treatment. Purchase your top-shelf CBD, today.