Wondering what the perfect CBD oil color is? Asking, “Why has my CBD changed color?”

Then this is the right article for you. Read on to discover the most common CBD oil colors, the reasons why your tincture might change colors, and the best ways to store your cannabidiol tincture to avoid spoilage.

What Colour Is CBD Oil, Really?

CBD oil can be prepared in a variety of ways. These formulas can appear transparent, pink, brown, black, or gold depending on additional ingredients, the type of CBD extracts used, and the carrier oil chosen.

There is no advantage between the different colours of cannabidiol oil. The only real test of quality occurs in the lab. Authentic cannabidiol companies will offer third-party lab test results to indicate their items’ purity and potency. If you cannot quickly locate the lab results for a given product, feel free to reach out to the appropriate representatives for further information.

Our CBD tinctures are clear and translucent. This is mostly due to our selection of a refined MCT oil that maintains this appearance even after receiving the cannabidiol infusion. Upon exposure to light, our oils may turn pink.

The changes in colour that any oil goes through do not indicate a spoiling or reduction of potency. Instead, they are the result of essential chemical reactions, which we will detail below.

CBD Oil Turned Pink

Pink CBD oil is an indication of a single compound: polyphenol oxidase. This common culprit turns pink upon exposure to oxygen and light. That’s about it. In a clear tincture, like our Organic Relief oils, this pink shade can be quite noticeable.

Polyphenol oxidase is found in hemp and a variety of plant materials, like common fruits. This pink coloration only indicates a few additional plant nutrients that are sure to bolster your routine. Even when you handle your product in ideal conditions and do not expose them to light for a long time, it will likely undergo some colour shift. This should be expected when working with herbal tinctures.

Why Is My CBD Oil Turning Brown?

Brown CBD, and even black CBD oil, is a result of similar chemical reactions. These oils are typically earthier in colour at first, and the shift is not so dramatic. When oxygen, light, heat, and simple aging begin to impact the brew’s plant components, the tincture can quickly shift a few shades darker.

The brown coloration is not a cause for concern. As with the pink coloration, it is merely an indication of additional, mild plant compounds included in the extract. These oils should be used freely without concern for their purity.

Storing CBD Oil

CBD oils should be treated in the same manner that other herbal tinctures are treated. This means avoiding the factors listed above. Light, high temperatures, and oxygen.

Keep your bottle sealed, airtight. Then store them in the dark, preferably in the fridge. Only open them for short periods of use before storing them again.

With all of these measures in place, your oil can easily last for up to two years.

Cleaning Your Bottle

Cleaning your CBD bottle can also improve the longevity of your item. Rinse the dropper and cap with warm water and soap at least once a week. Every day it is recommended to flush the dropper out with water quickly. Occasionally, it is advised to wipe the bottleneck with a wet cloth to avoid condensation and the building of debris.

The only time you need to consider throwing away your cannabidiol product is when you notice the accumulation of a brown gunk formation on the inside of the bottle. This indicates the build-up of unhealthy microbes and should be avoided under all circumstances. These occurrences are incredibly infrequent and are likely due to long periods of neglect.

Your Daily Regimen

Maintaining consistency with your daily cannabinoid routine is key to your success. Using these herb keys will swiftly unlock our physiological receptors, allowing the endocannabinoid system to truly thrive.

While our clear to pink oils are a top choice in the industry, we want our readers to experience the wonders of hemp regardless of the type of products they have on hand. Stay informed by regularly checking our educational resources and reviewing our third-party lab test results.

Our customer reviews are growing each day, as satisfied UK clients across the nation enjoy our potent, natural CBD products.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to dig into your new holistic routine and learn to love the pursuit of health and joy.

Cannabidiol is here to help you reach your wellness goals. Can’t decide which product best suits your needs? Try a few! Each administration method provides unique attributes, and playing around with individual products will give you direct insight into the best ways to optimize your routine.