Imagine a world where you can stroll into any convenience stop, stock up on Pepsi CBD water, purchase a Coke cannabis drink, and then choose between the varieties of Marlboro cannabis cigarettes for sale.

You may say that we sound like dreamers, and while we may have infused a few too many holiday dishes with CBD, we can still clearly show you how hemp is about to make it big.

International giants like Pepsi Co, CocaCola, Corona, and Marlboro Cigarettes have publicly displayed interest in the CBD industry.

Pepsi has already entered the game by releasing their first Pepsi CBD water product via an independent retailer in Oregon. CocaCola is close on Pepsi’s heels and has confirmed a discussion with Aurora Cannabis about CBD infused products that could lead to a Coke CBD drink hitting the shelves. Corona affiliated companies have already invested billions into the Canopy Growth Corporation, another successful cannabis company. Marlboro producers have openly discussed interest in purchasing Cronos, yet another top-tier cannabis producer.

Pepsi CBD Water – Independent Distribution of a Powerful Product

Pepsi is using independent bottlers and distributors to sell CBD Water. Fascinatingly this Pepsi CBD water does not use cannabidiol extracted from industrial hemp. Instead, they utilize a company that has managed to create high-grade CBD by working with a citrus byproduct and a specific type of evergreen bark. The process and precise ingredients are, for the moment, a well-kept secret.

This CBD product is an absolute gamechanger. Cannabinoid production that begins from non-hemp material allows for previous legal restrictions to be reassessed. CBD is a potent anti-oxidant with no psychotropic impact. Because it can now be sourced from a citrus mix, banning CBD is beginning to seem as ridiculous as outlawing Vitamin C.

The possibilities are endless, however. If CBD continues to blast into mainstream awareness, this potent compound could also find its way to Gatorade and Pepsi soft drinks.

The Coke CBD Drink – CocaCola Enters the Discussion

CocaCola, the soft-drink titan, is communicating with Aurora Cannabis, a Canadian cannabis producer. Coke cannabis products seem like a not-so-distant dream after CocaCola made a statement about their talks with Aurora. Coca Cola admits that they are watching the evolution of CBD as a wellness supplement and are curious about its potential.

Coke CBD products could also take a few interesting turns. Coke CBD water is a natural contender. CBD coffee has shown that caffeinated CBD products are a hit, so perhaps soft drinks like Coca Cola Zero could be receiving a CBD upgrade. In time, we may even find THC infused products around the globe.

Corona Cannabis – The Corona Canopy Growth Deal

The Constellation Group, makers of Corona, invested over £3 billion in Canopy Growth Corporation, the largest cannabis provider in the world. Hops and hemp are a part of the same plant family, the Cannabaceae. So naturally, they work together to create a potent recreational product. Many canna-beers are infused with cannabis extracts, and the brewing process can also include the use of the cannabis plant. Typically, the cannabinoid content of these beers is kept low. One bottle usually produces a buzz equal to two inhaled draws of cannabis. Cannabis infused beer is already on the way. In 2019, they will be made available in Canada. Here’s hoping other countries will follow soon.

Marlboro Cannabis – You Heard That Right

Perhaps the most romantic dream of old-school cannabis consumers was to be able to show up at any gas station or convenience store and purchase a pack of cannabis cigarettes. It appears that this fantasy may become a reality.

Altria, the company that produces Marlboro Cigarettes, is contemplating the purchase of the Cronos Group. Cronos stock value rose immediately after this news went live. That’s because the Marlboro Cannabis regime will take the world by storm when the time is right.

Imagine a few different flavors, maybe a mixture of cannabis and tobacco, or perhaps even non-psychoactive industrial hemp cigarettes. The introduction of Marlboro cannabis would be a great move towards global acceptance of the hemp plant. Marlboro’ s influence would also allow for standardized cannabis products to approach international markets.

Hemp is Taking Over

The cannabis plant species provides a variety of bioavailable compounds. Cannabis can provide intoxication while providing beneficial cannabinoids. Industrial hemp can offer a vast list of non-psychoactive cannabinoids that act as super-efficient antioxidants. The demand for CBD has reached such a peak that scientific exploration discovered how to craft it from citrus and evergreen!
Let’s take a moment to enjoy the fact that Canadian cannabis is now legal. Due to this huge win for the hemp community, international companies are now buying into the cannabis market. These cannabis producers will now get assistance when entering the global market. Huge international institutions like beer, cigarette, and soft-drink providers will be instrumental in the worldwide cannabis movement.

Recent estimations state that the global cannabis market produces roughly £80 billion in revenue each year.  The pharmaceutical market worldwide generates nearly £800 billion per year. For an underdog that is not available in many markets, hemp stands as a decent contender against pharmaceutical health-care.

It’s an exciting time to be watching the hemp game, but we have to participate if we want to bring about total cannabis tolerance. If you’re looking for a way to start learning, check out our educational CBD Articles content. Our FAQ pages are very helpful for understanding CBD and our CBD Oil products. Learn the details and share them with those in need of the many CBD oil benefits. The CBD market is evolving, and we are at the cutting edge of our field. Stay up to date with our latest product releases and incredible sales to see how we can help you find relief through CBD.