50% discount for Blue light card holders

The NHS, emergency services and armed forces workers are amongst Britain’s most unsung heroes. They keep us alive, healthy and protected 24 t hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round, but can also be amongst the country’s most underpaid workers.

Whether it is protecting our country from a military point of view, running our hospitals, GPs or emergency services, we have a lot to be thankful for. You will be unlikely to find someone in the UK who hasn’t benefited from the service provided by the NHS and emergency services, and there is no-one in the country who isn’t better off for having a robust and dedicated armed forces.

Blue Light Card is a leading provider of discounts for people who work in the NHS, emergency services and the armed forces. The card can be used either with online businesses or on the high street for discounts and offers which can help to show these often unsung heroes how much we appreciate them.

And that’s why, here at Organic Relief we have teamed up with Blue Light Card and the Defence Discount Service – who offer discounts for these valued members of society, offering 50% discount on our products and helping them to enjoy the benefits that our CBD products provide.

It’s our way to say thank you to these special people who look after us, our families and our loved ones when we need them, often dedicating their lives to looking after the country, and often earning significantly less than they would do if they were to be working for a private institution.  


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