CBD Muscle balm

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Our range of topical CBD balms is a great way to reduce pain and inflammation. Our CBD balms are ideal for muscle and joint pain and are used by many people as part of their daily routine. With a number of different variants, you can’t go wrong with these great-smelling products.

Our CBD balms for pain are a must-have if you’re aching from exercise. These long-lasting tubs are fantastic value for money, each balm lasting months due to the waxy consistency. Known for its anti-inflammatory properties our CBD balms are ideal for topical application whenever needed.

3 CBD Balms to Choose From

Our famous Thai Balm is known worldwide for use among athletes like Liam Harrison. The one-of-a-kind CBD muscle balm relies on a beeswax base, which creates the perfect topical consistency. Beeswax is an excellent anti-inflammatory, which supports the outer layer of our skin and our cells.

This blend would not be a true Thai Balm without a classic menthol infusion. The menthol in this topical provides an immediate soothing sensation and a relaxing aroma. When applied to the skin, menthol helps to alleviate physical stress.

Our well-known Cooling Balm is used by many to reduce pain and niggles after running and strenuous exercise. Our Organic CBD Cooling Balm for pain is designed for instant cooling and pain relief due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Perfect for post-workout this topical product is great for aches and pains. Containing Jojoba, beeswax and petrolatum and CBD isolate provides an excellent consistency that works deep into the muscles.

CBD balm for Skin Care and Pain Relief

Cannabidiol is an excellent way to lavish your skin and care for tender muscles. Allow the cooling nature of this proprietary blend to whisk you away from tension and stress. Order your very own CBD balms online in the UK today and get ready to revolutionize your holistic routine.

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CBD Muscle Balm for Sale Online

Our CBD balm formula contains two popular terpenes found in hemp – linalool and limonene. Combined with an array of natural compounds, this proprietary blend helps to soothe, rejuvenate, cleanse, and tone the skin.

You can apply this topical balm as often as you like throughout the day. Optimally, this balm should be used at least once daily to keep your tissues saturated with natural goodness.