Raw Sea Moss 50g


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Our Organic Sea Moss ( Caribbean Gold)  is naturally grown in the beautiful protected waters of St Lucia.  Ethically farmed and sealed in 100% recyclable pouches this product is the perfect place to start on your sea moss journey.

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Raw Sea moss, 50g 

Buy raw sea moss online in the UK. 

Raw Sea Moss 50-gramme pouch (Caribbean Gold) is wildcrafted. It is harvested using natural methods on the stunning island of St. Lucia. It is then sun-dried, processed, and shipped to us. We then weigh, pack, and seal each package to keep in the goodness. 

The benefits of Organic Sea Moss 

There are many known benefits to using seamoss; here are the top 8. 
  1. Contains 92 natural minerals and vitamins. 
  2. Healthy Thyroid 
  3. Promotes a Healthy heart and helps support a healthy immune system.
  4. Aids digestion
  5. Helps with metabolism
  6. Can aid weight loss as part of a healthy diet.
  7. revitalises nails, skin, and hair
  8. Improves Libido
For a full breakdown of the benefits of our product, head over to this article on the Full benefits of Sea moss. You can also read further external information in this article. 

Can you eat this raw sea moss as it is?

 No, you need to make it into gel, which is really easy. 

Making your Raw sea moss gel is easy; just follow the 10 steps below. 

  1. Use a colander to thoroughly wash the sea moss. 
  2. Place the sea moss in a large bowl, then pour enough filtered water over it to cover the sea moss with.
  3. Place the bowl in the refrigerator.
  4. Soak in water overnight (during this time, the sea moss will expand).
  5. Remove the expanded Sea Moss and rinse thoroughly with fresh, cold water. 
  6. Place it into your blender.
  7. Pour 1-2 cups of fresh, filtered water into the blender along with the sea moss.
  8. Blitz the sea moss into a smooth jelly or gel consistency.
  9. Transfer the blended gel into an airtight container (preferably glass) and refrigerate. 
  10. Use accordingly.

There is a lot of Raw sea moss on the market; what makes yours different? 

To be honest, Not much. Wildcrafted Raw sea moss is usually the same. It is our focus on customer satisfaction that sets us apart from other companies. Excellent customer service, quick delivery, and free samples set us above our competition. 

Free samples? 

Yes.  We send free samples with all orders. usually CBD gummies or CBD Balm. It’s our way of saying thank you for being a customer and supporting our business.


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