How CBD can help to increase concentration and focus

How CBD can help to increase concentration and focus.  We’ve all lacked a little focus at times, especially when we have a lot going on in our personal lives. In this article we are going to delve into it for you.

According to a recent study, distractions at work can cause over 50% of individuals to feel much less productive than without these distractions. The fact is, though, it is almost impossible to work through these distractions in some cases. While this is true, CBD may help.

What is concentration?How

Concentration means control of attention. It is the ability to focus the mind on one subject, object, or thought, and at the same time exclude from the mind every other unrelated thought, ideas, feelings, and sensations. It is simple the action of focusing all one’s attention.

What is CBD?

CBD is also known as cannabidiol, which is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Unlike other elements found within the plant, CBD doesn’t get you high and is not psychoactive. This is what makes it safe and legal to take in the form of your choice. You can find many different forms of CBD available to help with pain, such as oils and gummies.

It does this, as well as providing a host of other beneficial effects, by promoting homeostasis within the body. This is essentially a healthy balance of all the elements needed to promote healthy living in humans.

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Factors that affect concentration

One day you may feel like your ability to concentrate isn’t great and your finding it hard to stay focused. Other days you may feel laser focused and completely dialed in on everything that you need to complete. This is because of all of the different factors that affect concentration and completing the task at hand.

Insufficient sleep

Insufficient sleep is one of the biggest factors that affects our concentration. You will have more difficulty focusing your attention and may become confused. As a result, your ability to perform tasks especially relating to reasoning or logic can be seriously affected.

Poor eating habits

Poor eating habits can lead to you being unable to concentrate and focus properly. If we don’t eat the right things, we can start to have problems like forgetting things, being tired all the time, and not being able to focus.

Diets that don’t have enough fat can make it hard to focus because the brain needs certain essential fatty acids. Other diets that are too restrictive might also make it hard to concentrate because they don’t give our brains the nutrients they need, or because they make our bodies feel hungry, crave things, or feel unwell, which are all distracting.

Lack of physical activity

Did you know that physical activity and exercise can increase concentration and focus? When you don’t do physical activity, your muscles can become tense. You may feel tightness in your neck, shoulder, and chest and such persistent, low-level discomfort can affect your concentration.


Researchers have found that our brains are so ready for distractions that just seeing our phones impairs our ability to focus. We constantly assess whether the information is useful, sufficient, or meaningless. The large amount of  information bombarding our brains coming in muddles our assessment of whether we actually need more information to make decisions.

The environment

The environment and the things around you can have a huge affect on your focus. If your trying to focus in a place that is too noisy or there is too much going on then you’ll likely find it hard to concentrate on the task at hand. Try to find somewhere quite and calm to complete your work.

The effects of CBD on your concentration

CBD has a range of different effects on the hum body ranging from helping with anxiety to helping increase skin hydration. One thing you probably didn’t know is that CBD can actually help with your attention and focus.

The impacts that CBD have on your body are linked to how CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system regulates and controls many of our most critical bodily functions such as learning, memory, emotional processing, sleep, temperature control, pain control, inflammatory and immune responses, and eating.

CBD has the following benefits which can help to increase your concentration:

  • Improved Sleep Quality: Being tired and run down has a massive effect on your concentration and focus. CBD can help to improve the quality of your sleep, helping you to feel refreshed, more awake and a lot more focused throughout the day.
  • Increased energy & mood: Every tried to complete a task when your in a bad mood? If you have, you’ll know it’s near impossible to fully focus on what your doing. CBD can help to improve your mood and increase your energy which will lead to increased concentration and focus.
  • Reduced stress levels: CBD can help to reduce your stress levels, which will in-turn improve your brain function and focus.


Taking CBD oil daily can help to boost concentration and improve your attention span.

The effects of CBD on your memory

Scientists are still trying to understand the exact effects of CBD on your memory however early signs do show that they are certainly linked.

A study in Psychopharmacology found that CBD had “memory-rescuing effects” in subjects with cognitive and memory difficulties. Just one dose of CBD at 10 mg/kg was able to recover previously forgotten memories, giving credence to the use of CBD as a neurological enhancement, rather than a hindrance.

A similar study in Neuropsychopharmacology also measured the effects of CBD on memory-deficit subjects. This one showed improvements in recognition memory-identifying an object, feeling, or situation as familiar-and in working memory-holding information temporarily to perform daily tasks, like repeating back an address or following instructions someone just gave you. They also noted improved social interaction.

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If your someone who is struggling to focus at work then CBD may be the answer for you! As well as working to increase concentration and focus, CBD also has a whole other bunch of benefits including improved sleep, hydrating skin, reduced anxiety, and inflammation reduction.