5000mg CBD Oil (50%) – strongest CBD


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This excellent 5000mg CBD Oil (50%) Strongest CBD is the strongest and most trusted CBD tincture on the market. Consistently used by our repeat customers who suffer with chronic pain.  Also used by many athletes for muscle recovery and inflammation reduction.

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5000mg CBD Oil (50%): strongest CBD

Buy 5000 mg of CBD Oil (50%)—the strongest CBD in the UK.

This excellent 5000mg CBD Oil (50%) is the strongest and most trusted CBD tincture on the market. Consistently used by repeat customers suffering from chronic pain. Also, athletes want to improve their performance.
The majority of people using this product are repeat customers who see huge benefits. Many high-level athletes ensure they use 5000 mg of CBD Oil (50%) directly after training. This helps with muscle recovery and increases performance. Each bottle lasts approximately one month when using the advised dose. Taken under the tongue is the best method to ensure full absorption into the blood stream.

What we get asked often

Is 50% CBD Oil legal?

Yes, absolutely.  Each of our products is 100% legal and lab tested by a third-party laboratory for purity and safety. We can provide lab reports with your order if requested.

Why should we buy from you?

We provide superior-quality products at cost-effective prices. We recognise that CBD is expensive, so we always put our customers first. Discounts are always available on our website. We are open and honest, and we want people to feel great.

What does 5000 mg of CBD Oil (50%) taste like?

It tastes quite nice. Most CBD Oils have an earthy taste, but due to the product being isolate CBD its purity and quality is superior, these oils taste quite mild. We now also have 50% CBD oil in strawberry flavour.

Do any ambassadors use this product?

Liam is an eight-time World Muay Thai boxing champion and is classified as one of the best fighters in the world.

How do I buy this product now?

That’s easy. If you click the Buy Now button on this page and follow the steps to check out and pay, We will confirm your order by email and aim to ship the next day.

Is it true you send free samples with every order?

Yes, That is true. Each order receives either a free sample of CBD gummies or a small sample of CBD Balm at no extra charge. It gives you an opportunity to trial new products. Plus, everyone loves a freebie.


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