We often get asked by potential customers, should CBD burn my throat? It is possible that CBD oil may burn your throat. There are several reasons that this may happen, and in this article we go more in-depth into this.

If you are someone that feels like CBD oil may be burning your through, then why not try our CBD capsules? CBD capsules are great for people who are looking maintain a consistent consumption of CBD per day. The one problem with CBD capsules is that they need to be digested. When CBD is ingested it passes through the digestive tract which means you might have to wait upwards of 30 minutes. before experiencing any effect.

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Does CBD burn your throat?

There are several reasons that CBD may be burning your throat. The most likely reason that CBD may burn your through is due to a certain ingredient in the product. There are however several other reasons which we explain below.

The quality of the product

A low quality CBD product may be the reason that your throat is burning. There are currently no regulations for CBD and this can mean that there is a chance that the product that you are using is of low quality.

One thing for you to check when purchasing any type of CBD is that there should be laboratory results for the batch in question that you are purchasing. All CBD supplies should have those to hand when you are deciding which product to go for. If they haven’t, stay clear, as you can’t guarantee the quality, quantity and ingredients of the product in question.

You can view all of our lab reports for Organic Relief here.

Certain ingredients in the product

Not all CBD products have the same level of ingredients, quality and purity.  The change in ingredients may be the reason that the CBD you are taking is burning your throat.

If you are taking CBD under the tongue, best practice is to keep the oil under your tongue for approx 60 seconds before swallowing. This will allow adequate time for the CBD to be absorbed by the sublingual gland.

Some CBD products have a harsh taste which may encourage you to practice the washing down of liquid when taking. By doing this, the CBD bypass the sublingual gland and the CBD will pass through the digestive tract instead. This will result in a slightly lower rate of bioavailability

You may be allergic to CBD

CBD, just like many other things, effects everyone differently. If CBD is causing your throat to be sore, then it may be that you are allergic to CBD, or one of the ingredients in the product that you are taking.

The best way to take CBD is to allow the oil to sit under the tongue for between thirty seconds to one minute. Immediately take a sip of water and swish around mouth, allow the oil to dilute, then swallow. Follow with a bit more water and it should help.

The side effects of CBD

There are several side effects of CBD, especially if CBD is taken in excess. Thankfully, side effects aren’t lifethreating, and more just unpleasant.

You might find these effects of CBD if you take too much:

  • Dry mouth. Also known as ‘cotton mouth.’.
  • Drowsiness.
  • Dizziness. This is maybe due to CBD  relaxing the walls of blood vessels and lowering blood pressure.
  • Diarrhoea
  • Changes in your appetite
  • Nausea.

If you take medication for another condition, you should consult your doctor before using CBD oil. It can interact with other drugs and can either increase or decrease their effectiveness.

For example, excess CBD can boost the effect of blood thinner warfarin and increase the potency of anti-epileptic medication, such as phenytoin.

Your GP will advise you on the effects of CBD oil with other drugs.


If you are taking CBD and it is causing your throat to be sore and irritated then there are a few different reasons that this may be happening. The most common reasons that we see are the quality of the product, or a potential reaction to an ingredient in the product.

At Organic Relief we only use the highest quality CBD products, and all of our lab test reports are fully available for you to see. Our CBD capsules are also a great alternative to help you if you are someone that is suffering from a sore throat from taking CBD oil.

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