If you’ve been taking CBD for some time, you may start to feel like you aren’t getting the benefits that you once were. This probably leaves you thinking, can you build a tolerance to CBD?

Although we still have a lot more research to do into CBD, the research we do have shows that regular use of CBD is completely fine and you won’t build a tolerance from continued use.

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How tolerance works?

Building tolerance to substances is a common concept, and it’s something we all experience in our daily routines. Caffeine is a great example of a substance we’ll have all built a tolerance too. Does your morning coffee not quite give you the boost that it used to? This is because you’ve built a tolerance to the caffeine after continued use and you now need a stronger dose to feel the same effects.

Tolerance is categorised into three major groups: behavioural, cellular, and metabolic;

  • Behavioural tolerance, you will have become psychologically adapted to the effects of a substance.
  • Cellular tolerance involves cells becoming less responsive to a compound, which is why you need more coffee to stimulate the body when you drink it regularly.
  • Metabolic tolerance, in turn, means that lower concentrations of a substance reach the target area.

Tolerance affects every person differently; there are different rates at which we become tolerant to a substance. Our genetic structure, physiology, history of substance abuse, as well as environmental factors, may determine how fast you build up a tolerance to substances. For some people, it may take a bit more time to develop tolerance, while others build it very quickly.

Will you build a tolerance to CBD after prolonged use?

Evidence currently suggests that you will not build a tolerance to CBD after prolonged use. This means that you don’t need to take a break during taking CBD to prevent your tolerance building.

If you do feel like that you have built a tolerance to CBD, it is more than likely you have just become more accustomed to living with the benefits of CBD. If you stop taking CBD oil, then the problems you had before, may start creeping back into your daily life.

Can you use CBD on a tolerance break?

You can take CBD during a tolerance break, and it may actually help. CBD, or cannabidiol, doesn’t deplete your CB1 receptors in the same way as THC. This means that you can use it without it affecting your tolerance.

As well as CBD, working out is also a great way to help you when you are on a tolerance break. This will provide you with endorphins that help your mood and sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I limit how much CBD I take?

When it comes to too much CBD, studies suggest you would have to take a gigantic amount to be counted as ‘toxic’. Current Drug Safety found in 2011 that you would need to take 20,000 mg of CBD almost all at once to become toxic. Considering the suggested starting dose for most conditions is somewhere around 5-20 mg per day, this is incredibly unlikely.

In addition, even the effects of CBD oil in these amounts are unlikely to be lethal. However, you would certainly feel some discomfort and one or more of the side effects listed above.

You cannot overdose on CBD in the traditional meaning of a drug overdose. But there are side effects of CBD if you take very large doses. These may last for a few hours, but you can take our advice to minimise them and even avoid them

What happens if you take CBD every day?

CBD should be taken daily to ensure that it builds up within your system for maximum benefits. By taking CBD daily, you will not build up a tolerance. You are also not at risk of overdosing from CBD, as you cannot overdose on CBD.

Can you experience withdrawals from CBD?

Other medications can cause withdrawal symptoms because while you are taking them, your brain chemistry is altered. Then when you stop, your body has an adverse reaction. CBD does not cause this effect.

You will be able to stop taking CBD at any time without any adverse effects. The only thing that will happen when you stop taking CBD is that your inflammation, pain, and anything else you were treating with CBD might come back.

Evidence actually suggests that CBD can help ease the symptoms of withdrawals from other drugs and medications.


Due to the lack of research and the somewhat unknown nature of CBD, people may be slightly hesitant to try CBD. CBD does not build up a tolerance in your system and it’s also not a substance that will cause withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking it.

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