Our CBD gummies have become one of our most popular products and it’s easy to understand why. Not only do they taste amazing, but our CBD gummies provide an easy and convenient way for you to get your daily CBD dosage.

What are CBD gummies?

CBD gummies are a candy that are either infused or coated with CBD.  At Organic Relief our CBD gummies are coated with the highest quality CBD and we have a range of flavours available, including our best selling CBD peach rings and CBD sour cherries.

Taking CBD orally, as in ingesting CBD products without placing them under the tongue, is one of the more traditional ways to enjoy a cannabinoid regimen.

What are the benefits of CBD gummies?

CBD gummies interact with your endocannabinoid system. The cannabinoids bind to receptors in the body, which may help reduce stress giving a relaxing experience. These edibles may have other possible health benefits, like promoting better sleep. It is best to speak with a medical professional about the effects of CBD Gummies.

The research into the effects of CBD has solely been done focusing on CBD oil, which means that there is no scientific evidence that gummies have the same benefits as CBD oil. However you will still consume the same amount of CBD per gummy, and our customers have reported the exact same benefits when taking our gummies as they do when taking our oil.

Are CBD gummies just as good as CBD oil?

CBD gummies are just as good as CBD oil! They both provide bioavailable administration methods that anyone can enjoy. When eating CBD gummies, the cannabidiol reaches the digestive tract, where the intestinal walls partially absorb it. This partial absorption is anticipated, and even low mg doses will still do the trick.

CBD is best absorbed when placed under the tongue which is the benefit which CBD oil offers over CBD gummies.

Your mouth is made of membranes which are both under your tongue and on the inside of your cheeks. These membranes are full of blood vessels which transport blood to and from the heart through veins, capillaries and arteries. Due to this, anything that is absorbed by these membranes will directly enter the bloodstream. When a substance enters our bloodstream, it is transported through the body for your cells to use where they see fit.

CBD gummies are not as cost effective as CBD oils, but they make up for that in convenience. It is easier to pop a gummy in your mouth when you are on the go than to use a dropper.

Do CBD gummies have any THC?

High quality CBD gummies will never have any THC. The hemp used to make proper products features inactive levels of THC. Once the products are finalised, they are lab tested by third-party facilities. This ensures purity, potency, and 0% THC content.

At Organic Relief, we lab test all of our products to ensure they don’t include any THC. Be sure to checkout our CBD lab reports.

CBD Capsules

One of the downsides to CBD gummies, is that to achieve there great taste they do have a high sugar content – which if you are someone who tracks your diet they may not be ideal for you. If your look for another, more convenient way to take your CBD than oil then maybe you could look at our CBD capsules.

Our CBD capsules provide a great and easy way to ingest your daily CBD supplements.

Pure CBD Capsules

Organic Relief CBD Gummies

Vegan CBD Sour Cherries

Deliciously fruity with a mega sour punch, our CBD sour cherries are perfect for you if you like a sour sweet treat!

CBD Cola Bottles

These CBD cola bottles have proven to be are a real crowd-pleaser, with a fizzy ‘mouth popping’ cola flavour these cola bottles are a favourite in sweet shops. These CBD cola bottle have proven to be are a real crowd-pleaser, with a fizzy ‘mouth popping’ cola flavour these cola bottles are a favourite in sweet shops

CBD Peach Rings

With deliciously ‘hint-of-summer’ fruitiness, our CBD peach rings are the perfect sweet treat and give you an easy way to consume your daily CBD.


CBD gummies provide a fun way to ingest CBD. As they come in individual gummies, it is easy to take the exact dosage. It is also simple to take, as you just have to eat the gummies as you would a sweet. If you have a specific desired CBD dosage, you might find you have to cut CBD gummies in half. It is easier to customise your dose with oil.