As a small business we’re so happy to be able to make a personal impact on people’s lives, and in recent years our impact on how our CBD at Organic Relief has been able to help people’s pets is amazing and something that we’ve love to see. Everyday we are contacted by more and more people asking about the benefits of CBD for their pets. In this article we discuss the top 8 reasons to give your pet CBD!

1. To help with your pets anxiety

It’s common for pets to suffer from anxiety, nervousness and stress. Studies show that CBD relieves the symptoms of anxiety in both humans and pets by interacting with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system to stimulate the production of serotonin. Serotonin stabilizes your dog’s mood and relieves their anxiety.

CBD oil drops can be a great way to help calm an anxious pet, especially when used in conjunction with regular exercise, plenty of toys, a consistent daily routine, and a healthy and nutritious diet.

2. To ease arthritis and joint pain

Just like us, pets can develop chronic joint inflammation and/or deterioration, otherwise known as arthritis. This will lead to your pet living in pain and discomfort. CBD dog treats can help ease the discomfort, stiffness, and mobility problems related to arthritis and other joint inflammation disorders.

3. To improve your pets skin health

If your dog is suffering from skin issues such as an allergy, rash, or dry skin, then CBD may be a great way to help them. CBD oil helps reduce both skin inflammation and stress, which can help prevent your pet from scratching and accidentally making their itching worse. Chronic scratching can lead to microdermabrasion and deterioration of your pup’s skin barrier.

4. To improve heart health

In addition to relieving short-term stress, CBD oil also addresses the longer-term impacts of anxiety and helps prevent symptoms of age-related heart conditions by reducing your pup’s overall blood pressure and heart rate. This is because it helps regulate your pet’s endocannabinoid system, which keeps their body in a natural state of balance and homeostasis.

5. For nausea and appetite

One of the most commonly studied things for CBD is it’s ability to regulate nausea. Whether your pet has a sensitive stomach or is suffering from an underlying illness, it’s likely that CBD oil will help with their nausea.

6. To help reduce allergies

Like humans, your pets can develop allergic reactions to things in their environments like foods, plants, danders, medications, insects, or even grass. CBD oil not only helps ease pain or irritation caused by the allergy — it also boosts your pet’s immune system, which reduces the allergy symptoms caused by your dog’s body trying to defend itself from the outside world.

7. To improve your pets sleep

If you have a pet that is having difficulty falling or staying asleep, a small dose of CBD oil is a great way to help them relax and sleep. Whether their restlessness is due to illness, pain, or anxiety, CBD oil is likely to help. That’s because it regulates serotonin, relaxes the body, and encourages overall immune health, which is sure to help your pet sleep through the night.

8. For epilepsy

Epilepsy is the most common cause of recurring seizures among dogs, and traditional seizure medications tend to come with a host of unpleasant side effects. Cannabidiol is known to have anticonvulsant properties and recent clinical trials have demonstrated that CBD oil can be helpful in reducing symptoms of epilepsy and the frequency of seizures in dogs.

What is CBD?

CBD is also known as cannabidiol, which is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Unlike other elements found within the plant, CBD doesn’t get you high and is not psychoactive. This is what makes it safe and legal to take in the form of your choice. You can find many different forms of CBD available to help with pain, such as oils and gummies.

It does this, as well as providing a host of other beneficial effects, by promoting homeostasis within the body. This is essentially a healthy balance of all the elements needed to promote healthy living in humans.

CBD User Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you take CBD?

The most common way to consume CBD is by placing CBD oil directly under your tongue. This is due to the fact that CBD can easily be absorbed underneath the tongue through the thin mucous membranes there.

Is CBD a drug?

Due to it’s link to marijuana, some people may be worried that if they are taking CBD, they are taking a drug. The first thing to know is that in the UK CBD is completely legal.

When thinking about a drug, we typically think of narcotic or pharmaceutical agents. CBD has, at times, been leveraged in pharmaceutical formulas but is not a narcotic or medically controlled drug.

Is CBD addictive?

Once question we are often asked is, is CBD oil addictive? The answer is that CBD does not have an addictive effect, as it is not psychoactive. In the UK, CBD is made exclusively with the hemp plant, which does not contain THC. THC is the main psychoactive compound that is found in marijuana.

Does CBD increase your heart rate?

Adding CBD into your daily routine can help reduce your heart rate, as well as helping to improve your resting heart rate. The impact in the first few days may be steady as the body gets used to the effects of CBD. It may provide a sense of calm to the mind and could help reduce the heart rate and blood pressure, too.