We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Organic Relief ambassador Liam “The Hitman” Harrison ahead of his upcoming world title fight at ONE on Prime Video 1. The fight will see Liam look to capture one of the most prestigious belts in Muay Thai the One Fighting Championship Bantamweight World Championship.

With 8 world titles and a record of 115 fights and 87 wins, 48 of which have come by KO, Liam has been number 1 in the UK rankings since the age of 17 and widely regarded as the best Muay Thai fighter to ever come out of the UK. To earn his shot at the One FC Bantamweight World Championship he beat Muangthai P.K.Saenchai by first round TKO in a fight that many have crowned “The greatest round in combat sports history”.

In the fight, Liam was knocked down twice early in the first round before coming back with three knockdowns, earning himself the TKO victory, a shot at the title and a very ice $100,000 Performance of the Night bonus.

In his upcoming title fight, Liam will face off against current champion and Muay Thai living legend Nong-O Gaiyanghadao. Since winning the belt, Nong-O  has succesfully defended his belt five times with his last three victories coming by way of KO, including wins over Muay Thai Rodlek and Saemapetch. Over his career Nong-O has amassed an impressive resume, with 2 x Thailand Titles, 1 x Rajadamnern Stadium title, 3 x Lumpinee Stadium titles and the One Championship title. He has also won the Sports Writers Association of Thailand Fighter of the Year award.

Below we delve into some questions with Liam in regards to his upcoming fight, and his use of CBD during his fight camp to help him during his training camp.


Over the years you’ve captured multiple world titles, the WBC, Yokkao, WPMF & many more. What will it mean to you to win the one championship belt?

It will be the icing on the cake of an amazing career. One championship is now the most elite set of muaythai fighters in the planet and to hold that title after everything else iv already achieved will be incredible.

Your coming off of one of the greatest fights of all time, and this fight with Nong-O sets it up to be something of the same. What can the fans expect from this fight?

The fans can expect the same thing as every time I fight. Action, drama, knockdowns, blood guts and all the rest.

What does the average day look like for a 8-time World Muay Thai champion when training to fight for the One Championship belt?

I train hard for every fight this one is no different, the worth ethic is always the same but the game plan differs a little.

How do you incorporate the use of Organic Relief CBD into your training regime and what are your go to products?

I use the oil every night after hard training and before bed to help with all the aches and pains and inflammation I pick up in training, plus it helps for a good nights sleep, my go to products are the 40 percent oil and the CBD/thai balm.

What are the benefits you’ve found from using CBD as a professional athlete?

CBD definitely helps me get better sleep, which is 100 percent needed when your training 2-3 times a day as recovery is key…it also helps with any niggling injuries I pick up along the way.

CBD User Guide

CBD Benefits for Muay Thai

When it comes to Muay Thai, there are a wide range of benefits that CBD can help with. CBD Oil has lots of benefits for martial artists. It can increase recovery and be used as an alternative to certain pain medications. Below we have gone more into the benefits of CBD for Muay Thai.

CBD can help you to sleep

Sleeping plays a major part in helping our body to recover, and if your unable to sleep then your body will struggle to help repair your muscles or any injuries you may have picked up in training. It’s recommended that for optimum recovery that you are getting at least 8-hours of sleep per night.

CBD oil has been show to not only help people get to sleep quicker, but to have a deeper sleep with less interruptions throughout the night – ensure that you are getting all the rest you need to allow your body to full recover. If you are someone that struggles to get your 8-hours of sleep per night, then CBD is a must try for you!

It can help to reduce stress

If your a fighter then stress is going to be something that you come across during your fight camps. Are you training hard enough? Is your weight dropping as you need it too? These are the types of questions that can leave us feeling stressed during a fight camp.

An increased level of stress can lead to digestive issues, decreased immune support, reduced wound healing and even impaired cognition. Ensuring that we keep stress to a minimal is vital to achieve a successful fight camp.

CBD can help to control your stress brains stress hormones which can help us to remain in a calmer state and not experience extreme levels of stress.

It can help with inflammation

Inflammation will likely be something that you suffer from when training in Muay Thai. CBD has been show to help reduce inflammation which can help to ensure that injuries don’t hinder your training.

CBD helps with pain management

Another reason Muay Thai athletes take all manner of over the counter medicines is to combat pain, which comes as a natural response to extreme physical activity. Once again, CBD can provide an alternative to these pills.

It acts to alter pain signalling in the brain, making it much more manageable for the sports person. An additional benefit is that CBD is not addictive, unlike some stronger painkillers that a doctor may prescribe for an elite athlete.

This is one of the major benefits of CBD for Muay Thai fighters.