If your someone that is dealing with Fibromyalgia then you may be looking for different ways to help you deal with the symptoms. In your research you may have come across CBD fro Fibromyalgia which might leave you wondering, does it help?

In this article we’ll discuss the many different benefits of CBD and how CBD can help you deal with the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

What is Fibromyalgia?

The main symptoms of Fibromyalgia are extensive musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, nausea, and mood swings. Fibromyalgia typically distorts the transmission of pain signals and heightens painful sensations. As a result, people affected by it can experience significant discomfort.

The cause of Fibromyalgia is still unknown, but researchers believe that different factors can contribute. These factors include chemical imbalances, changes in the central nervous system, genetics, emotional stress, and physical trauma. Anyone can develop Fibromyalgia but the odds increase with advancing age, being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, and your sex; women are at twice as much risk of developing the condition as men.

After a fibromyalgia diagnosis, most people follow strict adherence to medication and self-management health tips.

Can CBD help with Fibromyalgia?

There are many benefits that CBD offers that can help you to deal with and manage the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

The pain relieving effects of CBD are likely down to its effects on the brain. It may interrupt the nerve pathways that send signals of pain between the brain and the rest of the body. CBD and other cannabinoids attach to specialized receptors in a person’s brain. One of these receptors, called a CB2 receptor, plays a role in managing pain and inflammation. When CBD enters the body, it may attach to CB2 receptors, or it may cause the body to produce natural cannabinoids (endocannabinoids) that attach to these receptors. This may then result in reduced pain and inflammation.

Taking CBD should also help you to cope with your mood swings. Taking CBD can help to improve your mood, increase energy levels, reduce anxiety and improve brain functions.

What is CBD?

CBD is also known as cannabidiol, which is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Unlike other elements found within the plant, CBD doesn’t get you high and is not psychoactive. This is what makes it safe and legal to take in the form of your choice. You can find many different forms of CBD available to help with pain, such as oils and gummies.

It does this, as well as providing a host of other beneficial effects, by promoting homeostasis within the body. This is essentially a healthy balance of all the elements needed to promote healthy living in humans.

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Other benefits of CBD

Although research into CBD is still in its early stages, the data that’s currently available tends to show that CBD may have a range of interesting and unique health benefits. CBD is linked to a range of pain relief effects, making it a potentially useful natural treatment for a variety of forms of chronic pain. It’s also believed to have positive effects for people who suffer from anxiety, depression and other psychological conditions.

The main benefits of CBD are:

  • Help to tackle pain & inflammation
  • Help against anxiety & depression
  • Fights against skin ageing and skin conditions
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Helps with muscle recovery

Potential side effects of CBD

There are several potential side effects of taking CBD. These are:

  • Dry mouth.
  • Drowsiness.
  • Dizziness. This is maybe due to CBD  relaxing the walls of blood vessels and lowering blood pressure.
  • Diarrhoea
  • Changes in your appetite
  • Nausea.

There is still more research to be done into CBD to help fully understands its side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CBD a drug?

Due to it’s link to marijuana, some people may be worried that if they are taking CBD, they are taking a drug. The first thing to know is that in the UK CBD is completely legal.

When thinking about a drug, we typically think of narcotic or pharmaceutical agents. CBD has, at times, been leveraged in pharmaceutical formulas but is not a narcotic or medically controlled drug.

Is CBD addictive?

Once question we are often asked is, is CBD oil addictive? The answer is that CBD does not have an addictive effect, as it is not psychoactive. In the UK, CBD is made exclusively with the hemp plant, which does not contain THC. THC is the main psychoactive compound that is found in marijuana.