Sea  Moss, also known as Irish Moss, is a product that we’ve recently launched here at Organic Relief following it’s growth in popularity due to all the organic benefits that this product provides! At Organic Relief we sell the highest quality organic Sea Moss, and in this article we’re going to tell you how to turn this sea moss into a sea moss gel.

What is Sea Moss?

Sea moss, know scientifically as Chondrus crispus is a type of seaweed or algae, which is found growing in coastal regions of the Atlantic, including those in Europe and North America. Like other seaweeds. Sea moss is a rich source of many of the harder-to-get nutrients.

It’s mostly known as a red alga, although it often comes in many colours, most popularly yellow or gold and purple – but you can also find rarer colours such as blue and green. It is low in calories and a fat which means that sea moss is popular for its suggested range of health benefits, which may help to support a healthy lifestyle.

Sea moss contains a small amount of protein, as well as offering a variety of vitamins and minerals. It’s also a great source of iodine and antioxidants.

Benefits of Sea Moss

Sea Moss offers several benefits, including:

  1. Sea moss can be used to help with blood sugar control. This is thanks to compounds like the carotenoid and fucoxanthin, which helps to reduce insulin resistance and support better blood sugar control.
  2. Sea moss contains iron, which is a great way to support your energy levels.
  3. Sea moss contains magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin K, and omega-3 fatty acids that hydrate and support healthy skin cell function.
  4. Seaweed, including sea moss, is one of the best plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for health, and especially so for the heart and cardiovascular system.
  5. Caribbean natives have been using sea moss as a natural aphrodisiac for many years. Its high zinc content is thought to increase sex hormones that play a key role in libido levels.

Side effects of Sea Moss

There are some side effects that you need to consider when thinking about taking sea moss. Thse are mostly side effects that occur when you consume excessive amounts of Sea Moss. The side effects of Sea Moss include:

  • Sea Moss does have a high iodine content. Excessive iodine intake may have a poisonous effect and lead to: goiter, thyroid cancer, and hyper- or hypothyroidism
  • Excessive iodine can cause fever, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, as well as a burning sensation in the mouth, throat, and stomach
  • Seaweeds such as sea moss may accumulate toxic metals like mercury and lead

How to prepare Sea Moss

In order to make sea moss gel, you must first complete the important step of preparing your sea moss. When handling sea moss always make sure your hands are clean so that you do not contaminate the sea moss and be sure to use filtered, spring, or alkaline water. Never use tap water to clean your sea moss.

To prepare your sea moss, simply place your dried sea moss in a large bowl, cover it with water, and massage the sea moss. Be sure to remove any visible dirt and debris.

Instructions for soaking Sea Moss

After cleaning the sea moss, place the sea moss in a large bowl and cover it with filtered, alkaline, or spring water. Make sure all the parts of the sea moss are covered. Then, cover the sea moss and allow it to soak for at least 12-24 hours. You can leave it on the counter covered at room temperature. You do not need to soak the sea moss in the refrigerator.

Once it is done soaking it will have expanded as it has absorbed the water. It is now ready to use. You can leave the sea moss in this state and use as needed, or prepare a sea moss gel (highly recommended).

How to make Sea Moss Gel

Making sea moss gel from our organic sea moss is an extremely simple process and a can be complete in two simple steps which we’ve listed below.

Once you have your soaked sea moss, remove the sea moss from the liquid, and transfer it to a clean, dry plate. Do not discard the water because this water, which now contains tons of nutrients from the sea moss, will be used to make the gel.

  1. Add the sea moss to a blender along with the water. Use 1 cup of water to start and add more depending on the consistency you would like your gel.
  2. Blend until it is smooth, about 1-3 minutes. Transfer the Sea Moss into an air-tight container, and refrigerate. The sea moss gel will thicken in the fridge after 2 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much sea moss should you take a day?

The recommended amount of sea moss gel to take daily is 1-2 tablespoons or 4 to 8 grams.

Can you eat sea moss by itself?

You can eat sea moss gel on its own. Some people do not mind the taste and enjoy taking it with nothing else. On its own sea moss may have a slight seaweed taste.

Does Sea Moss Need To Be Refrigerated?

Sea moss gel is perishable and needs to be stored in an airtight container in the fridge. Sea Moss gel typically lasts up to a month in the fridge. Do not store sea moss gel in pantries or room-temperature areas; it will go bad. Only raw dried sea moss can be stored at room temperature in a sealed bag. It typically last up to one year.


Sea moss has been used for it’s health benefits for centuries. It’s rich in essential minerals, like iron and magnesium, as well as folate and omega-3. It’s has sky-rocketed in popularity due to the many celebrities that have been touting the benefits of sea moss. If your looking to buy sea moss online, or for more advice on taking Sea Moss and some of it’s benefits, then please don’t hesitate in contacting our customer service team here at Organic Relief.