Strong CBD oil – 4000mg (40%)


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Our 4000mg CBD Oil is one of the strongest and most trusted products on the market. Used by many people for chronic pain, severe arthritis and highly recommended by athletes and martial artists.

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Strong CBD oil – 4000mg (40%)

Buy strong CBD oil – 4000mg (40%) in the UK

Our strong cbd oil – 4000mg (40%) is just what you are looking for. A customer favourite due to the pain relief properties and sleep aid. Using strong cbd daily can interact with our ECS (Endocannabiniod System).  This product is used by elite athletes, gym goers and every day people who want to feel fantastic.  
Great tasting, vegan and 100% legal this product is on constant demand. A superior strong cbd Oil. Our customers understand we always put their needs first with great quality.

A few frequently asked questions

How much strong CDB oil do I need?

We always advise to start with a low dosage each day, usually 2 – 3 drops and build up. You will know when you reach the “sweet spot” when you feel great.

How long will the bottle of strong cbd last?

Each 10ml bottle usually lasts around one month or a bit longer. Each bottle contains around 150 drops.  It is best to store the bottle in cool dark place out of direct sunlight.

Can I use other CBD products at the same time strong CBD oil

Yes, you are fine to use other CBD products with strong cbd oil.  Our CBD Muscle balm compliments it really well. Infact, our CBD Muscle balm is a great product to use on topical pain at the same time.  Or our CBD gummies.

Can I buy this strong cbd product here?

Yes, its quite easy.  Click on the buy now button and follow the instructions. Once your order is complete we will inform you by email. We aim to ship all orders witin 2 days.

Do you still send out freebies?

Absolutely. We make sure that every order gets either free CBD gummies or a sample CBD muscle balm at no extra cost. If you prefer something specific let us know.

Where can I get more information on the benefits of Strong CBD?

There is a lot of information online.  But to make it easy you can either go to our articles page or take a look at this interesting article


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